Dragon's envy

First run
Underground lab, unwanted experiments

Good new, chummers – said Daddy. I’ve got some work for you. Just go to that site and try to know, what happened to the previous team i sent there.

It was a factory. A weapon factory on paper. Johnosn from Ares corp. sent runners to know, if it has an alive owner. but the haven’t returned.
Building was abandoned, but there was a door, leading to isolated part of the building. that area looked undamaged. Downstairs was dark. In AR there was all filled with white noise, but there was something more. The human figure, the one the runners were looking for. she was in matrix all-like in real life and her face was in terrible fear. that statue had a little distortions all over, but without doubt it was her. and her deck, brickedm lying on the floor.

there was another door and watching cams. it was hard to bypass, but the decked did well.
inside there were glass and round containers with people inside, like in Matrix, the movie.
suddenly, in air materialized six-armed woman with a lot of guns and aimed the runners, but it was something odd – she was with distortions, as like a hologram. One of the runners shaped the mana around into a fireball and threw it into her, but she dissappeared, laughing. it wasn’t too late to notice 2 men, standing behind the runners, suited in chemical protection suite and aiming them with big tubes, connected to ballons on their backs. but runners were fast and cruel and got them shot. in the next room there was a lot of medical instruments and an old man, cutting the brain on the table.
it was clear, that all people there were technomancers and this men were “studying their phenomenon”.
and when it was time to run away, there was a car, hurrying to that lab.

Runners took one of the bodies, their comrade, with them to their fixer, But it doesn’t seem possible to bring the poor girl back to consciousness…


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